UFO. Various popular-amusing  papers and magazines, sometimes even journals publish information about UFO (Unknown Flying Objects). It seems as if the Earth's atmosphere was teeming with them. According to the data of International UFO Society (!!) only in 2005   2348  cases of UFO (what a precision!) were registered .They inform of the observations, the attacks of living beings from other planets on people and even kidnapping aiming at researching our civilization. It goes without saying the witnesses give their evidences. 2348 cases took place during only one year but we haven't got any confirmations of the facts. Now I'm going to describe one case which I experienced myself. It was in the village in summer, the sun was shining brightly,  there were slight gusts of wind. Being outdoors I put a sheet of  a calendar (newspaper size) on the table. The gust of wind blew this sheet from the table and raised it as high as ~300 metres. I was able to determine the height as I knew the sheet's size. At this height the sheet began to move without order in the streams of air. It's interesting to know that it looked exactly like UFO. Moreover, when its plane turned so as to be at  the respective angle to the Sun the sheet seemed to flash up as if it radiated a beam. Two men came up to me and I pointed to the sheet. Their reaction was alike: they both shouted:"UFO!". We were watching the object for 20 minutes then it started going away and  then disappeared. When I told them about the origin of this "ÜFO" they both didn't believe my story. Moreover, one of them was sure that he had seen a plate, the other asserted it had been a cigar. Both were right.    
The sheet of the calendar turning at different angles because of the abberation which was smoothing angles looked like a cigar or a plate. (See figures).
Can radars locate such sheet? Can it be seen  from a pursuit plane? I don't think so. But two uninterested witnesses are ready to swear that they saw UFO with their own eyes.Why only two? If I didn't know the origin of it I could be the third person. The population on the planet is a few billions so how many similar cases should occur according to the theory of probability? Something about 2348 (what a coincidence!).
Do you think I reject UFO? Not at all. Theoretic probability of  UFO exists. Humanoids from other planets may come to the Earth. What for?  Such project is difficult, long and expensive and it's worth doing only  to collect authentic information. Are they exploring us like Livingston was exploring the life of aborigines?  Could he learn many things hiding in overgrowth?  Now scientists study monkeys, wolves and other animals contacting with them very closely, so they get unique information. Why should we imagine  the representatives of high-developed civilization as being  primitive and silly creatures? Do they hide? Is the reason for it they fear that we can borrow their dangerous technology? High-tech is accessible when one has the respective level of knowledge and technical preparedness. Do you think it's inconvenient to have electricity in the hut of a bushman?  Even if  you give him a lamp (a tube) plus engineering specifications he won't be able to use it and enjoy the progress. Can't  humanoids from other planets understand  that we, people, are not wild animals? We have already got the common language - Mathematics. If we ever have a Contact it will be open, reasonable and sensible. This Contact will be mutually beneficial as any benevolent contact.
                                                                                                                                     Welcome to the Earth!

  About the possibility of a Contact see:  Space Voyages  

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