Part 4

                                               "The Law of Gravitation"

  Here is its formula. You know it. Let me just remind you that G is a "gravity constant". But actually it's a  coefficient. Don't  lets pay attention to the fact that : 1) force F is shown here without a vector, 2) while  the bodies are approaching each other F increases to infinity. Let's try to understand what this formula describes ( I hope the reading of three previous chapters has been useful). I'm not afraid to be wrong saying : the process of approaching  of  any two bodies is shown  here. To simplify the example let's assume that these bodies are solid and spherical. So the bodies are approaching each other, approaching and approaching and… Right you are!  They collide and scatter in order to approach each other again. This process is endless. Alas, the "Law of Gravitation" somehow ignores it. Let's complicate the process by  adding one more sphere. We'll get the process of three bodies interaction. It doesn't matter whether these spheres are the same in size, at what distances they were originally and mutually located . In a while this system will stabilize - they will meet at the same time and always in the same point (you can check it yourselves). Let's add one more, two whatever you like spheres - you'll obtain the same result.  This process is as such: substance scatters from one point , then gathers to the same point  id est  pulses relatively  0-point , where it concentrates from time to time with its all energy.  Does it remind anything to you?  Let's imagine the Universe consisting only of our spheres. There is no difference in Physics between the real Universe and our hypothetic one. Have you heard  anything about  "scattering universe" and "Big Bang"? Our Universe is now scattering because of  "great explosion".  How can we imagine it?  In american films numerous explosions are shot very skillfully. We can see some typical scenes: from the epicenter various fragments (from big to very small) scatter in different directions. Part of the fragments rotate at different angle speed, part of them don't rotate. The same thing occurs in the Universe: the mass of substance scatter in the form of fragments forming celestial objects. Non-rotating elements only fly. Objects with sufficient speed of rotation go away from the explosion epicenter forming stable formations (galaxies, for example). If the speed of rotation isn't sufficient for the balance of centrifugal force the fragments tend to their common center. Approaching the center, mass and energy form the object which doesn't permit any  radiation to leave the confines of the object. We fix them as  "black holes", in a certain period of time "the explosion" follows and we observe "supernew".
         We didn't consider the problem of gravity force's character. Superplenty of energy at the moment of "great explosion" must create field (fields)  but this matter will be discussed separately.
         The Man should be aware of the fact that he is a particle of the Universe, that the field of gravitation is general for all, that by this field he is connected with every other man, every animal, every plant  and a drop of water and even with a grain of sand on the Mars. We don't know yet the character of this connection, but this connection does exist. I personally would like to be connected with an alive hare which is not shot, with the clean drop of water which isn't contaminated. And you too? It means we are growing in number, our outlook is widening.
        Well, what about the formula? We have applied our outlook to it and I hope we have got some results. Let professionals -  the theorists invent formulae. 

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