Bird's flu

Mass media broadcast  from time to time about this disease. These pieces of information sounds  like war communiques: somewhere there enemy has rushed to the attack, somewhere here we have managed to repulse it, have blockaded the enemy(quarantine), but the enemy broke thru from an unexpected direction, but we don't give way to panic so far  as we are creating magic weapon in the rear (vaccine), soon we will win a brilliant victory (hurray-hurray!). The battle is still going on.
 What are we fighting with? With virus H5 ? We should become aware that in the final analysis we are fighting with laws of NATURE. These laws are such that Nature foresaw the limitation of excessive spreading of every type, group, family, population of a living being (and a plant) - it  just guarantees the variety of life forms. Let's remember a well-known experiment: the rats were kept  in a limited area. They were given all the favorable conditions for their reproduction. What came out of it? As soon as this population had reached a certain maximum the rats started dying - limitations began to act ! Here we can see the demonstration of the great numbers law : quantity transforms into new quality. A great number of specimens (mass) , hens for example, give the virus (it  has always been existing) quite new opportunities to mutate, maybe to actuate, maybe for both. For the last 20 or 30 years the number of chicken factories have risen immensely. As a result chicken population reached the level foreseen by Nature.  Well, shall we conquer Nature with the help of a vaccine? It's all in vain. For example, vaccine for tuberculoses has been known for a long time. And in spite of the fact that the reasons which cause it were reduced (because of better nourishment, the level of hygiene becomes higher, early diagnostics, there are thousands of scientific works on the problem) tuberculoses isn't going to step back.
There is no doubt  the vaccine for virus H5 will be created, we are able to do it. Pharmaceutic companies will buy a patent and produce the vaccine and begin to sell it earning large sums of money. We'll have to buy vaccinated poultry, in other words, it's a chicken which endured disease in a weak form (that's why it didn't die). Would you like to eat such chicken? Or to nourish your children with it?
Probably it's better not to fight against Nature but obey its laws. These laws inform that any species and populations are extincting due to the interference of the man. Wild birds won't extinct so soon as poultry because the latter die as a result of the man's activity.
The epidemics of cholera, plague, typhus were raging in Europe at that time when no vaccines were known. It's a pity a lot of people died. But those who had survived formed the population not subjected to those infections. That's why we have no such  kind of epidemics now.  And tuberculosis?  Let  Nature cope with the task itself.
Let people in protecting scaphadres ensure some quarantine instead of destroying  hens. The hens should be fed and watered , one shouldn't interfere into the natural process. Then a certain number of hens selected by Nature itself will survive. These hens will be the hens laying "golden"eggs  i.e. the basis for a new population not subjected to bird's flu. It's another pair of shoes! You won't eat "vaccinated" chicken. It's high time to start doing it now because with the beginning of mass vaccinating the forming of s new sound population isn't almost possible. Hence I refuse my author's right to this publication: everybody who'd like to is allowed to use this material. It may be ecological organizations, Green Peace, mass media and other volunteers (God, grant  us this chance).
We have the right to make one call!  

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